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Business Analysis Courses

IIBA Business Analysis Endorsed

We have 3 approaches to teaching our courses which gives anybody equal opportunity to get an education in Business Analysis and Business process.

Our Primary course is the Business Analysis Diploma Course which is a total of 6 subjects and which is offered by means of 3 methods. It is available in a,Pay As You Go, 6 payment option of a discounted once off option.

Our Secondary Short Courses will be focused on specific targeted skillsets and and is currently not available online on our e-Learning portal but rather through In house and Public Training.

We have two (2) approaches to learn business analysis, based only your preferences.
The formal qualification route: The Business Analysis Diploma Course which consists of 6 subjects, which is offered in three different learning methods, self-paced e-learning, in-house classroom and public scheduled classroom.

The short course route, where targeted skillsets are offered. Currently available for classroom based
training only.

You can complete the training using the following methods of training:


Learn at your own pace in your own time.  An internet connection and computer are required for this method.  This is most suitable for individuals with limited time during the week.  It is also the most cost effective medium.

In-House Classroom

We will come to your premises and present the material in a classroom environment.  With this method, you can choose the content, timing, venue and schedule of the training.  This is most suitable for organisations, which have groups of employees it would like to educate.  The content can be customised to meet the need by combining, training subjects into a program.  The timings can be customised, by introducing evening or weekend classes to reduce the impact of project deadlines.  The venue can be customised whereby the facilitator will travel to a location of your choosing.

Public Classroom

 We will present one of our prescribed training courses in the classroom environment, with venue, dates and timings of our choice.  This is most suitable for those who can attend classroom sessions during the week.