Business Analysis Diploma Course.


Why you should choose

Business Analysis Diploma Course

IIBA Business Analysis Endorsed

With this Business Analysis Diploma Course, we are committed to producing business analysts that have the ability to:

  • Question business users to understand their real needs and problems
  • Ensure that each project they are associated with uses Business Process Improvement to achieve one or more of the following objectives:
    • Increase Customer Service/Satisfaction.
    • Increase Revenue.
    • Decrease Expenditure.
  • Gather information to a level of detail that it can be used to develop the necessary solutions.
  • The ability to ensure that suggested solutions meet customer/business needs


This self study Business Analysis Diploma Course has been developed with the objective of providing learners with a formal method to grow and assess their Business Analysis Skills in a progressive manner. The learner studies via work books provided by What?How?, 1 per module and there are six (6) modules. As concepts are presented, practical exercises are performed by the learner and they are expected to communicate their progress via e-mail or fax prior to receiving a final correct answer. Once the learner has completed a module, they are to request the assignment for that module, so that they have the opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts to their own working environment, the assignment is to be completed in 2 (two) weeks. Each assignment will be based on the learners working environment, thereby enhancing the skills transfer process. The Diploma in Business Analysis will be presented when a minimum pass mark of 75% is achieved in the final examination and an average pass mark of 60% for assignments. The self study diploma must be completed within 1 (one) year.


The costs include:

  • training material and telephonic/e-mail support,
  • marking and feedback of assignments
  • marking of the final examination.


  • Matric / NQF 3 with English / Maths / Science
  • Computer literate
  • 6 months of business working experience


How does the payment for the course work?

You can choose to “pay as you go”, per module excluding VAT. If we post the materials to you, there is an additional cost. We make use of the Postnet distribution network which is an overnight service or you can pay up front for all six (6) modules. Costs include all training material, learner support via e-mail or telephone and marking of assignments and exam.

How strict are the time restraints?

Once you have asked for an assignment, you must submit your answers within 2 (two) weeks. The due date will be indicated on the assignment.

What is the average time for students who finish the course?

Most students finish within 6-7 months, so 12 months is more than adequate. We understand that most of our students work and have social life, therefore the study material per module will take approximately 12 hours to complete, there are exercises and self assessment for each module, which you can complete within about 4 hours per module, then there is your assignment for each module which will take between 2-6 hours to complete.

Are there examinations?

Yes, you need to achieve a 60% average for your assignments, and then you qualify to write the exam. To obtain the Diploma you need to achieve 75% for the final exam. You can re-write if you fail for an extra cost, to date the failure rate is 15%

Are there fixed dates for the exams through the year, or can they be booked on demand?

The exam is open book, you can write at our offices or anywhere else you like and it’s a 3 hour exam.

How does this course fit in/compare with the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Body of Knowledge (BABOK) curriculum?

It totally supports the following knowledge areas:

  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Requirements Analyst and documentation
  • Requirement Communication
  • BA Fundamentals