Business Process Mapping


Why you should choose

Business Process Mapping

Course Description

Whether your organisation is:

  • Implementing a new business strategy,
  • Clarifying existing business operations,
  • Introducing new staff members,
  • Improving business operational efficiencies
  • Ensuring accurate regulations and control are in place

The value and benefit of Business Process Mapping, cannot be underestimated.  This course is designed to take any novice, through basic principles, to enable them to model any business environment, in simplistic, easy to understand methods.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Scope the environment to be modelled
  • Map existing processes, using internationally accepted modelling techniques.
  • Break down complex processing environments into easy to follow maps.
  • Identify possible improvements and / or controls required within the business operational environment.


  • 6 months working experience

Training Content

  • Introduction

    A foundation into business process mapping, which includes definitions and terminology, used for training and within the business process field.

  • Overview of Business Process Mapping

    An understanding of some of the basic principles and models used within business process mapping

  • Scoping of the operational environment.

    Once of the most essential skills business process mapping requires, is starting at the most accurate point.

  • Modelling Notation

    Using internationally accepted practices of modelling notation

  • Modelling Principles

    Understanding the techniques, principles and rules of modelling a process.

  • As Is, To Be and Should Be

    To accurately map business process, identification of the as-is, to-be and should-be is absolutely essential.

  • Breaking Down Complexity

    Balancing the accuracy of the detail again the attention span of the read.

  • Conclusion

    A summary of learning as well, the best free modelling software available