The Benefits Of How We Educate

Most organisations that we work with do not have a standard manner of documenting their business requirements, which includes, their business processes, business rules and business data. This means that there isn’t a standard “language” being used across all departments, business units, divisions within the organisation. The analogy is one department is “speaking” English, another Maderin another Swahili, another Hawaain etc. Sadly, the bigger the organisation – the more “languages” spoke!!!!

A business is more efficient and effective in its delivery of service and /or products, its structure and its customer focus, when EVERYBODY is “speaking the same language”. We KNOW that change is constant, but, whith each department “speaking a different language”, these changes are not implemented as effeciently and effective as they should be. In some instances the changes are NOT implemented.

Accepted practice, dictates that every organisation should have all it’s business requirements (business processes, business rules and business data) collated into a central repository or database, that everybody within the organisation has read access to. This provides management more visibility and understanding of the business. It allows them to Plan, Lead, Organise, Control, and Communicate more efficiently as all steps of the business processes are known. Thus more time can be spent on people management and focusing on the quality of products / services, the satisfaction of customers and continous business process improvement. No more fighting fires and fixing crisis problems, as this would all be dramatically reduced, predicted and controlled.

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